Shoryuken z Cervisiam

Browar Cervisiam

Miejsce Miejscówka

Styl Sour


Opis Berliner Weisse


Shoryuken (or Rising Dragon Fist) is a kettle-soured beer with dragonfruit and lychee. Its dragonfruit forward, lychee-down, and dragonfruit-lychee-down -forward nose work in unison to deliver the full Shoryuken motion: a tart uppercut to the jaw. Thankfully it’s complemented by a Tatsumaki of fruity flavor to pick you right back up again. Even though we’ve stacked the body with rye, wheat, and oats to give it a gentle mouthfeel, it’s still not an easy swallow. In the words of Ryu: you must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!