The Gay Gondolier z Amager Bryghus

Browar Amager Bryghus

Miejsce Tap House

Styl Brown Ale


Opis Imperial Caffè Latté Brown, kooperacja z Nøgne Ø


Her name was Gunnvor. His name was Giacomo. Giacomo first met Gunnvor when she and her dad entered his gondola one summer morning in Venice. How far he paddled and for how long he doesn’t remember. He only had eyes for the beauty of this fair, young Norwegian lady. When Gunnvor and her dad returned to her hometown of Grimstad, Giacomo tagged along leaving behind his beloved Venice and his craving for excellent coffee. He was in a trance with no will of his own. And although he serenaded in front of Gunnvor’s house all through summer he was rewarded by nothing but a slammed door from her dad. Gunnvor left her hometown, presumably marrying a fair fishing millionaire in Ålesund. Giacomo stayed behind in Grimstad, rowing tourists across the fiord. In spite of his broken heart he would be known as The Gay Gondolier for his high pitched beautiful serenading, that left no woman untouched on the fiord, in his gondola, in the sunshine – serving the best Latte in town. But one day Giacomo was gone. An old lady on the island of Håkallene was the last to see him, staggering west towards the setting sun. The Gay Gondolier had left for good. 

ChmieleChinook, Columbus (Tomahawk, Zeus)