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Styl Porter


Opis India Double Porter, kooperacja z Three Hills Brewing


Our friends at Three Hills organized an expedition to Alkmaar. To honor the British tradition we're, together, brewing an historic style with a modern twist. Inspired by the Porter exported to India, we bring you a Double India Porter. We acknowledge British ancestry and mastery in beer brewing but plenty has changed ever since. For our interpretation of the style, we're doing a double mash to increase mouthfeel and malt complexity. For hops, we're contrasting with some modern varieties, hot side we chose the quintessential modern Cascade and a touch of Chinook. During maturation we gently dry hopped with some more Cascade and Chinook. Then, cold side, we applied our modern twist adding Sabro Cryo for a unique piney and coconut blend. This beer honors tradition and the historic importance of the United Kingdom in beer brewing while contemplating what there's to come in future.

ChmieleChinook, Cascade, Sabro