The Perfect Circle z Track Brewing Company

Browar Track Brewing Company

Miejsce Dürer Kert / BPBW

Styl India Pale Ale / IPA


Opis DDH IPA, kooperacja z Frontaal Brewing Co., Barth-Haas Group


A three-way collab. This time with our pals from Frontaal and Barth Haas. A solid base of pilsner, wheat, oats and malt brings a full-bodied thickness and silky mouthfeel. Hops wise, we've used some brand new products which really deliver a huge punch of flavour. We used Citra Incognito in the whirlpool which brings a base of mouthcoating, aromatic delight. On the dry hop, we've got Idaho 7 & Sabro which brings a huge palate full of dank and tropical flavours. The last product we've used here is Citra Lupomax which is basically concentrated hop flavour achieved by removing all of the leafy material and just keeping the flavourful lupulin. Lemon peel and melon on the nose leads to soft fleshed mango, lychee and gooseberry.

ChmieleCitra, Idaho 7, Sabro