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Miejsce Dürer Kert / BPBW

Styl Gose



Framboise Saffron Cumeo Pepper Nu Gose. A smooth, refreshing and delicate Nu Gose fermented with Willamette raspberries, Spanish saffron, Vietnamese Cumeo pepper and Pakistani Halite diamond salt. This is the sixth beer of my Nu- series, which means a modern, “new age” take on the traditional beer styles- this time brewed with Vietnamese Cumeo pepper and Spanish saffron instead of hops, a pinch of Pakistani diamond salt for the mouthfeel and fermented on huge amounts of Willamette raspberries to make thirst even more yummy. Brewed to celebrate the O.G. saxophonist Kamasi Washington and taking a honour to my lovely sweet grandma who are survived a stroke a few months ago.