Green Lantern z Track Brewing Company

Browar Track Brewing Company

Miejsce Dürer Kert / BPBW

Styl India Pale Ale / IPA


Opis DIPA, kooperacja z KCBC - Kings County Brewers Collective


Inspired by our NYC pals at KCBC's insane love of all things comic book, we bring you Green Lantern - A massively juicy Double IPA loaded to the brim with Citra Incognito, Strata & Rakau. Citra is the world's most commonly used hop, and for good reason - bringing a huge overripe mango character, against Strata's more dank, herbal qualities. Rakau sits in the background but still plays a vital role in providing a beautiful bright punch of fresh apricot, and bright aromatics that are synonymous with New Zealand hops.

ChmieleCitra, Rakau, Strata