NEIPA z Tiny Rebel

Browar Tiny Rebel

Miejsce Domówka Cafe

Styl New England IPA


Opis Kooperacja z DEYA Brewing Company


7 YEARS, MEANS 7 NEW CANS! WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 7TH BIRTHDAY THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW HOW… WITH 7 EXCITING COLABS WITH A SELECTION OF OUR REBEL ALLIANCE. Deya are a brewery that we’ve been fond of for a while now, especially as a few of our brew team make regular visits to their taproom in Cheltenham. Being famous for their tasty murk juice bombs, we thought it would be an awesome chance to collab on this style and see how far we could push it. We decided to take our first foray in to cryo hops. Expect your mouth to be taken on a murky journey that pushes the word ‘juice bomb’ to its limits