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Styl India Pale Ale / IPA


Opis Juicy IPA, jooperacja z Siren


We all have heroes in life but it's not very often they come round your house to play on your brew kit. When Siren said they wanted to collaborate on a brew, we got to thinking what we loved about their beer and, after much arguing, we couldn't get past how consistently fantastic their core beers are. After much mumbling, we settled on a juicy IPA fermented on their house yeast. We threw lots of Citra, Simcoe, and Bravo at a very oat-heavy brew and this is the result. Pineapple, orange and mango dominate the aroma whilst juicy apricot, mandarin and ripe mango tackle the palate. Huge sappy flavours takes the lead into a long, piney finish.

ChmieleSimcoe, Citra