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Styl American Pale Ale / APA



The hop train keeps on rolling, and if you’re not into it you know where the door is. This month has us closing out with a beautiful pale that’s focusing on some new stock in our arsenal - we got our hands on some hops we’ve been dying to work with for some time now – mainly Denali and some top quality Amarillo that’s rolling through the whirlpool and dry hopping at a nice 16g/l. We’ve been building on a base of Vienna with some Wheat and Oats for a while now on Northern Lights and have thrown them at a slightly bigger 4.3% pale for increased pintability. It works. Really well. What you get is an intensely bright pineapple and tangerine nose following through with an oily tropical hop riddled body. That leads to a pleasant dryness and bitterness that we still appreciate - all mixed in with soft Vienna honey sweetness, feathery light carbonation and fluffy silky texture coming from the Wheat and Oat malt.