The Red Hetman z Amager Bryghus

Browar Amager Bryghus

Styl Porter Bałtycki


Opis Imperial Baltic Porter z trawą żubrową, kooperacja z Pracownią Piwa


Let’s just be honest about it: throughout history Denmark has always had troubles with the Swedes. There’s no end to the many times our small and peace loving country has been attacked by our huge bully of a neighbor. Some modern historians claim that we may not always have been entirely innocent, but then again…. historians have been wrong before. However, in times of pain and agony and Swedish aggression it’s good to have friends, and exactly such a friend was Polish nobleman Stefan Czarniecki, aka. The Red Hetman. Having had their asses severely beaten in Poland in 1658, Swedish troops on the run had cowardly invaded and occupied the Danish locations of Koldinghus and Als. But Czarniecki – commonly known as ’The Swede Slayer’ was not satisfied. So he simply chased the Swedes and entirely wiped them out of Denmark during the Siege of Kolding. A true hero that we are only happy to share with the Polish. The Swedes however, when not busy pissing their diapers, would for decades tell their kids "Eat up your dinner, or Czarniecki will come and get you". Had it not been for this brave soldier, the Danes may even today have had to visit a government store to buy their liquor, or actually believe Falukorv to be a sausage – oh the horror! If any, Czarniecki deserves a beer named after him, brewed with our Polish friends at Pracownia Piwa in Krakow. And like him it had to be rich, potent and extremely powerful. Na zdrowie!

ChmieleColumbus (Tomahawk, Zeus)